Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Romantic Life.....Cottage Style Home Decor

Hi, I'm Rose and many of you may know me from Etsy where I have 2 shops.

Years ago my mom and I visited England and instantly I fell in love with the culture, the landscape, the concept of finding those hidden treasures and recreating a new use for them. It was taking an ice tea pitcher and using as a you can find those hidden treasures also in my shop. Each week I hope to post what's new in my shop. You can these treasures and much more in my shop at Etsy.

Summer is here, so why not celebrate it with a gorgeous foliage enamel ice tea pitcher. Just fill with lemons and water and you have instant centerpiece!

Add retro appeal with this wonderful tea towel. It's perfect to use as lining in a basket! This fabulous tea towel was repurposed from a vintage tablecloth that had seen better days.
Your lovely home should be a reflection of all the people and things you love. Why not add your loved ones picture, or perhaps an antique print in this gorgeous hand painted French Rococo Inspired picture frame.
Your beautiful trinkets deserve a noteworthy home. This gorgeous vintage trinket dish is soft as sea glass, and clear as the sky on a sunny day.


  1. Lovely finds, Rose. The trinket dish is especially beautiful. Can't wait to see next week's finds!

  2. ohhh the candy dish is awesome! but i have a fondness for the old glass pitchers.. sweet tea vessels!
    great entry!