Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Art

Home Art 

   I am new to all of this. So, I'll start by introducing myself and who I am. My name is Rose Baker, and I am part of the millions of  people that found that they have a creative streck. I'm a kid from the 60's, way before computer was even a thought, and probably before Bill Gates had been born. How we spent our time as sewing, crafting and creating..yes we had chores to do, but for most women we sewed. We even had classes called Home Economics where if we didn't learn at home, we had someone to teach us, and grade us!

 About a year and half ago I lost my job due to the great downsizing of America, and was faced with    " What do I want to do with my life", and " Where do I want to start". I remember at one time, lifetimes ago, I loved to create things, taking something ordinary and turning them into works of art. My passion happens to be textile arts. I love to quilt. Now I grew up with quilts and crocheted items, but no one ever taught me. The closest that I had was a grandmother that taught me how to sew..that was it. I self-taught myself how to take it steps further thanks to some pretty wonderful folks at www.about.com/quilting, and by reading various magazines to get that tidbit of info that couldn't find elsewhere. I admit I'm a bit of a dinosaur, I don't long arm quilt as lots of others do like my idol Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. I still do mine the old fashioned way, by hand pricked fingers and all! I love feeling like I am literally part of the piece, and quilting the way they did years before my time.

 I love the history of quilts, and textile art, so in the weeks to come I will be blogging about quilts and other textile arts. So, if you love quilts and textile arts..well this blog maybe just a perfect fit for you.
Should you wish to see a bevy of gorgeous quilts, please visit etsy which is one of the largest ecommerce marketplace for textile arts.  www.etsy.com  www.etsy.com/shops/rosebudsoriginals

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